Destination: eternity

This project designed to be super-long-term from the very beginning. It's being carefully evaluated from perspective of:

Technical reliability

Carefully designed resilient cloud architecture provides rock-solid operations.

Data durability and immutability

Guaranteed 99.999999999% durability of data, tokens secured by ledger database.

Long-term infrastructure support

Well-designed infrastructure support practices are ready for successors.

Financial sustainability

Money fund to keep investments safe to be established.

Careful partners selection

We rely on most stable institutions which exist for decades.

Adequate legal establishment

Private family company has registered in European Union.

Minimal target for the project is to be online for at least next 1000 years.

As this could be hardly guaranteed by any mundane authority, best effort and continuous adaptation approach has adopted.

It's just birth time still, so most of future developments are not even in the roadmap yet.

But what is already affirmed: any backward-incompatible decisions, which can badly affect past years deals with our fellow users, are and will be strictly prohibited.

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Thank you for relying on us.